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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2/08/2017Major shifts in Amazon wildlife populations from recent intensification of floods and droughtBodmer, Richard E.; Mayor, Pedro; Antúnez, Miguel; Chota, Kimberlyn; Fang, Tula; Puertas, Pablo Eloy; Pittet, Malini; Kirkland, Maire; Walkey, Mike; Ríos, Claudia; Pérez Peña, Pedro E.; Henderson, Peter; Bodmer, William; Bicerra, Andy; Zegarra, Joseph; Docherty, Emma
1/07/2017Introducing global peat-specific temperature and pH calibrations based on brGDGT bacterial lipidsNaafs, B. D. A.; Inglis, G. N.; Zheng, Y.; Amesbury, M. J.; Biester, H.; Bindler, R.; Blewett, J.; Burrows, M. A.; Del Castillo Torres, Dennis; Chambers, F. M.; Cohen, A. D.; Evershed, R. P.; Feakins, S. J.; Gałka, M.; Gallego-Sala, A.; Gandois, L.; Gray, D. M.; Hatcher, P. G.; Honorio Coronado, Eurídice; Hughes, P. D. M; Huguet, A.; Könönen, M.; Laggoun-Défarge, F.; Lähteenoja, O.; Lamentowicz, M.; Marchant, R.; McClymont, E.; Pontevedra-Pombal, Xabier; Ponton, C.; Pourmand, A.; Rizzuti, A. M.; Rochefort, L.; Schellekens, J.; De Vleeschouwer, F.; Pancost, R. D.
6/03/2017Ecotypic differentiation under farmers' selection: Molecular insights into the domestication of Pachyrhizus Rich. ex DC. (Fabaceae) in the Peruvian AndesDelêtre, Marc; Soengas, Beatriz; Vidaurre, Prem Jai; Meneses, Rosa Isela; Delgado Vásquez, Octavio; Oré Balbín, Isabel; Santayana, Monica; Heider, Bettina; Sørensen, Marten
8/03/2017Threats to intact tropical peatlands and opportunities for their conservationRoucoux, Katherine H.; Lawson, Ian T.; Baker, Timothy R.; Del Castillo Torres, Dennis; Draper, Frederick C.; Lähteenoja, O.; Gilmore, M. P.; Honorio Coronado, Eurídice; Kelly, Thomas J.; Mitchard, E. T. A.; Vriesendorp, Corine